Fr. Joseph Post


I am Fr. Joe Post, PastorĀ  of Immaculate Conception Parish, Union, Mo. I am a priest of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Having been ordained over 7 years now, I have served in various roles already in the Archdiocese. What a great parish we have here!

There are a lot of great things going on here, and the future looks bright. I consider myself a simple priest with a direct approach. I uphold the teachings of the Church with all the charity and humility, recognizing that it is Christ’s mercy that I am the steward of. I enjoy the fellowship of the people here at the parish, they are a talented bunch with a great array of talents and lived experience. I am humbled to be their pastor.

My vision for Immaculate Conception is quite simple. I desire it to be a place where the Faith is vibrant, and the call to sacrifice is at the heart of all aspects of our parish stewardship: gift of self in spiritual development, gift to God in prayer, gift for one another in service. God has graced our parish with many gifts of the people’s talents and treasures to which they share generously for the good of the parish. It is by their commitment to the Faith, Catholic Education and serving one another, that has me hardly ever looking for help. It is already there often before I get a chance to think of it.

As we are continuing to grow and explore new aspects of our Faith and incorporating new opportunities into our parish life, I invite you, if you are a new parishioner or one who is just coming back after being away, to join us for Mass and get involved in some way.

“The harvest is (always) abundant, and the laborers are few.”