As part of our Catholic Faith, we believe in God’s grace given to the Church to be shared in 7 Sacramental ways:

Baptism: A new life in Christ, restoring mankind to the gift of Salvation, partaking in supernatural life of grace.

Eucharist: The source and summit of our Faith; the true presence of Christ offered to us a nourishment for our souls.

Confirmation: The descent of the Holy Spirit, calling forth the disciples to share the Word of God in world, spreading the Faith in word and deed.

Reconciliation: Free response to God as a contrite acknowledgement of one’s sins; confession of our transgressions on our lips; acceptance of absolution through the one priesthood of Christ; and through penance, healing the division brought about by sin with a resolve to strive to avoid sin in the future.

Anointing of the Sick: A particular blessing for those afflicted with serious illness or at Death’s doorstep, for the healing of body and soul in preparation for the goal of Salvation.

Marriage: The union of Man and Woman as the “two becoming one flesh.” Mirroring the image of the spousal love of Christ and His Church. Open to life, reflecting the gift of life given to us by God; with the resolve of remaining united in this love for the rest of the couple’s life.

Holy Orders: The consecration of Men to the Ordained Priesthood and Permanent Deaconate, in particular ministry and service to the Faith, sharing in the one priesthood of Christ, for the Salvation of Souls, preaching of God’s Word, and safeguarding the Sacraments.